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Ciccone & Sons is the creation of 20 years of craftsmanship and artisan production by Gelato Master Mark Megahey.

Ciccone & Sons prides itself on the use of fresh locally sourced produce. Thanks to the availability of quality produce and producers in Australia, we are able to churn gelato and sorbet which has amazing taste, texture and is seasonal to Australia. The small batch nature of our production allows us to respond quickly to the tastes of our customers and importantly market availability of key ingredients like fruit.


Ciccone & Sons will be taking a short break as winter starts to set in. We will serve our last scoops on Sunday 10 June by 6pm if we haven't sold out earlier. We will be reopening on Thursday 5 July from 2pm. 

Please note that any orders placed after Thursday 7 June, will not be shipped until Thursday 5 July.

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